5 reasons to enter the US market


Entering the market of any country is an important step in business. If you are focused on globality, scale, freedom of contractual and corporate relations, then the United States is one of such countries. So, what are the reasons for entering the American market?

1. Globality

The United States is the world's third most populous country (350,000,000 people) with a GDP of more than $ 2.9 trillion. In the Global Innovation Index, the United States ranks first in terms of "global corporate R&D investors" and "venture capital recipients." And in the Forbes list, 22 companies out of 50 are American.
The large-scale market is suitable for those businesses that are ready to conquer not only their local but also the global scene. A large population and a high level of GDP can ensure rapid growth in sales and, consequently, business.

2. New opportunities, in particular, access to capital and the community

First and foremost, the United States is access to the capital market. Both venture and banking. By the way, the United States ranks first in the world in terms of ease of obtaining credit (according to the Global Innovation Index). The United States is also famous not only for Silicon Valley and the NAPA Valley (California wines) but also for other business communities. Thus, Wichita (Kansas) is the "world capital" of aircraft construction, in Austin (Texas) localized technology cluster, and in Akron (Ohio) - is a cluster for the production of rubber and related products. World-class business clusters, influential associations, business hubs, exhibitions, and conferences are open to businesses focused on globalization and scaling.

3. Stability

Turbulence offers many opportunities for business growth but often makes it unpredictable and risky. Stability, in turn, allows you to make forecasts, plans and follow them. Businesses spend less time reviewing, adjusting, and creating different scenarios.
Moreover, many American companies and investors prefer to work with American companies, thus minimizing the risks of turbulence in many countries.

4. Freedom of contractual and corporate relations

One of the barriers to doing business is the legal restrictions on concluding contracts with customers, contractors, as well as agreements between the company's founders. Compared to the laws of other countries, American law provides for the widest possible freedom in concluding contracts.
In the United States, the practice of vesting is developed, as well as the possibility of issuing different classes of shares. For example, class "A" shares provide the right not only to receive dividends but also to vote at the annual meeting, class "B" - only to receive dividends.

5. Emigration possibility

If one of your long-term goals is to move to the United States, then running a business in the US may be an option. Thus, in the US, the following visas are provided for managers and executives L1-A - temporary work visa and EB-1C - "green card".